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struggling to figure out how to use your camera

If you’ve made it here, you’re most likely to be

Sounds amazing right?

Imagine you could work your camera so confidently....that tricky lighting scenarios & camera settings seemed like a breeze & people were willing to pay you to create beautiful images for them! 

Discover how to confidently use your camera?

determine the difference between good light & bad light?

fully understand the basics of taking & editing professional


and...create images that wow people into booking you?

How would it feel to...

You are tired of seeing others accomplish their photography goals & wish you could do this yourself

You feel overwhelmed by the thought of even figuring out your camera so you leave it sit in your closet

You've tried to figure out how to shoot in manual in the past but just couldn't figure it out.

Your images are blurry & dark & you are unsure why?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You don't have to do this alone....you can do this & I can show you how! 

I remember when I had my son desperately wanting to figure out how to create an income without doing the traditional 9-5. I knew I wanted something that fulfilled my creative desires and I dove head first into photography. But learning how to create the images I so deeply desired on my own was HARD! I spent countless hours researching on my own, spending hundreds of dollars on courses that were to advanced for me and just ended up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Fast-forward to today & I have successfully scaled my business to bring in an income to our home all while staying at home with my babies! 

I'm familiar with your story because it was my story too!

 Abigail Kerekes Here!

All while gaining skills that will last you a lifetime! 


created without  overwhelming you with complicated terminology, spending thousands of dollars on expensive education only to end up with information that doesn't apply to you just starting out & hours spent googling how to do this yourself

A step-by-step course CREATED WITH THE BEGINNER photographer IN MIND!

That's why I'm SO excited to let you in on...

Intro to to Lightroom and behind the scenes look at how I import, edit and export my images

How to import presets into Lightroom


How to work your ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture

Determining good light from bad light

How to find successful shooting locations

RAW vs Jpeg

Help with camera & lens choices 

Mastering your camera, setup & settings

Here's just a peak of what's inside the course:

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the mini course created to teach you to become a successful photographer

The beginner photography bootcamp



 I'll break down the basics of editing software, take you into my Lighroom and show you exactly how I import, edit and export my images and teach you everything you need to know to begin editing your own images! 


I'll let ya in on a little secret....good images come from good LIGHT! You can have the most expensive gear in the world but if you don't know how to find and handle good light, your images will suffer! In this module we will break down the key components to finding good light and tips to get you choosing beautiful locations consistently.



This module is the meat of this course! Discovering how to MASTER your camera (whatever one you have OR I'll help you make a decision to purchase one), your set up & your settings is CRUCIAL to creating professional looking images! We will break down camera & lens choices, shooting in RAW vs JPEG (& why does it matter anyways?!), understanding ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture & my approach to a super simple shooting set up. 



intentionally created to be easy to understand

3 Jam-Packed Modules



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 The exact formula to begin shooting like a professional 

Edit in real time within Lightroom with me

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Here's the bad news:

It's true! I never took a "formal" photography class but I knew the second I picked up a camera this journey was for me. I am self-taught and that is what makes me the perfect teacher for a beginner like you. I've been where you've been & struggled with the same things you are but I overcame those struggles and am excited to share how with you! 

but learned the skills needed to create & scale my own photography business from the ground up

I'm the girl who never took a formal photography class

Hey, I'm Abigail

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This course is perfect for the beginner & I am offering it at a price point that is attainable to those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on education starting out. 

3 Course Modules With Self-paced Videos Broken Into Bite-Sized Information
These videos are ideal for the beginner. Each lesson is strategically designed to be easily consumed to then practice the new skill right away! 

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KEEP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS trying to do this on your own

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