When my son was born I became a stay at home mom and was looking for ways to creatively pursue my gifts as an outlet for me outside of the home. Fast-forward to today and I can hardly believe how God has blessed this little business of mine the way he has! I truly believe that every human being has gifts and passions for purposeful reasons. I am so grateful for the opportunity to continually grow in the passions God has given me! 

My journey with photography began Christmas morning when I was in 8th grade. My parents gifted me my first DSLR camera and I was THRILLED! I loved that little Canon Rebel to death and shot anything and everything with it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that passion would be able to be turned into a legitimate business that brings so much purpose into my life! 

i am so glad you are here!

I'm abigail, photographer, wife, momma and seeker of beautiful moments.

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It's true - I am obsessed with cleaning my car! Haha 
It is one of those weird things that I find oddly therapeutic so I make a point to run through the car wash and vacuum out my car weekly. (Talk to me in a few years when we have added more kiddos to this bunch and I may laugh out loud at this one!) 

A clean car makes me oh-so-happy

Preserving our family legacy in visual form is a huge passion of mine! It is part of the reason we get family photos done ourselves so frequently. It is such a gift to hand down to our children! I love to help others realize what a gift this is as well and helping them preserve their own memories! 

I love documenting my clients - but i am equally as obsessed with capturing my own family! 

Whoever said high school relationships never last couldn't have been more wrong in our opinion! I met Danny when he was in 8th grade + I was a freshman in high school. We got married at 19 + 20 in 2018 (BABIES! What were our parents thinking?!) + have been rejoicing in the gift that marriage is ever since! Danny truly is my best friend and the one who encourages me in my business the most. I couldn't do this without him! 

I met my husband in high school and the rest is history

We welcomed our son into this world in 2019 and our life has never been the same since! He is our greatest joy, best accomplishment and we love and adore him with every fiber of our being! I cannot describe what a gift it is to be his momma, it is one of my greatest titles in life! We will be welcoming a sweet baby girl into our life this year and we cannot wait to watch Greyson take on the role of big brother. 

I truly believe one of my greatest callings in life is to be a mother to my babies

They don't call it the Lord's chicken for nothing. I love Chick-Fil-A and their lemonade probably too much! Danny and Greyson would be content to survive off of Chipotle if I let them! 

i could survive on Chick-fil-a for every meal and never tire of it. IS that bad?!






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I know your desire in booking a professional photographer is amazing images, but what you may not realize is that you need a great experience with your photographer more than anything! That is exactly what I promise to give to you. Over and over again my Couples and Families rave about their experience almost more than their images! Why? Because in order to get those natural, genuine portraits that truly capture who you are, you have to feel comfortable with the person taking them. The way you feel while you are having your portraits taken heavily influences how you feel when you see yourself in the final images. Creating comfortable, joyful and genuine client experiences is what I specialize in! 

 You know you want fantastic images, but how do you achieve that? 

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